Nursery progress: art collage over crib

It feels good to have one corner of the nursery finished. Especially considering that Noah is already 4 months old! Sometimes things don’t get completed on time. Eesh. This past weekend, Blake and I finally got around to hanging up some art on the walls.

Noah helped. (Don’t try this at home with your own baby.)

I had envisioned a frame collage over the crib, so I had been buying white frames from Target of various sizes. I had no particular plan, but just made or printed art to fill each one as I thought of it. In the end it all came together. Here is the finished product:

The letters were a gift from Blake’s sweet Aunt Gigi. She had them made especially for Noah – her niece hand painted them. I wasn’t planning on a Noah’s ark themed room, but I immediately fell in love with these letters as soon as I saw them. They had to be incorporated into the collage.

The whale was something I made on a website called tagxedo. It’s an awesome website where you can make a customizable word cloud for free. You can choose the words, the shape, and the colors. I used words from one of my favorite verses in Joshua and had them made in the shape of a whale.

The “i love you this much” picture with the infinity sign is something I made in photoshop. I saw something similar on Etsy, but didn’t want to pay for it, so I made one myself.

The owls were also inspired by browsing Etsy. I saw something similar and made my own version with scrapbook paper and burlap.

Last, but not least, I framed my baby shower invitations. One was from my Aunt Diana and the other from my friend Grace. Both of them put so much time and careful planning into all the details of each shower, including the invitations. I wanted to hang them in the nursery to represent how excited we were to meet little Noah.

Here’s a view of the finished “crib corner” of the nursery:

And how about a close up of the reason this nursery came to be (allow me to note that the owl pillow comes out of the crib when Noah sleeps in it):

This little bean lights up my world! I can’t wait to finish decorating the rest of the nursery for him!