Easter baskets

I’m looking forward to Easter this weekend. It has always been one of my favorite holidays (as Blake says, “Hard to top Christ rising from the dead”), but having kids means I can once again get (shamelessly) excited about Easter baskets. This is actually the first year I’ve done an Easter basket for Noah, and of course I had to put one together for Harper, too.

easter basket (1)

Noah is your typical guy. He likes what he likes, and he’s not changing his mind. In his case, he loves anything with wheels. I bought him Red the Firetruck for his Cars collection, as well as some car stickers. I also threw in a Cars magna doodle, an Easter book, and a bunny sippy cup.

easter basket (2)

For Harper’s basket I was inspired by the upcoming wedding of my brother-in-law. His fiancé told me their main color was lavender, but one of her bridesmaids was wearing mint and another was wearing pink. You know how much I love mint green, and the thought of lavender and mint together makes me swoon. Not pictured is the mint and lavender headband I ordered her off Etsy. I also got her an Easter book, a sippy cup, and some heart sunnies – because they were too cute to pass up. Here’s a picture of her cute little Easter dress (also for the wedding) that I can’t wait to see her in on Sunday.


I hope you all have a wonderful Easter! Last week in Sunday School Noah made a palm leaf, which he has been waving around and shouting “Hosanna!” so we are getting in the spirit of things here.



2 thoughts on “Easter baskets

  1. Raye Lynn Husmer says:

    Rebekah — You inspired me. I wasn’t going to make a basket for Ava since she’s such a little; however, after reading your blog, I thought, ‘I can’t miss this stuff!”. So, I put a basket together. . . if not for her, for me. PS, I love the purple dress!

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