Spring mantel decor

I decided to give our mantel décor a major overhaul, and I’m super happy with how it turned out!

spring mantel decor

The lovely weathered window and wreath came from my sister-in-law, Melissa. She gave me a salvaged window from her old home in Arkansas, and the burlap rag wreath was something she made and let me have. I added a new chevron burlap bow.

burlap rag wreath on old window

burlap rag wreath on old window 2

I found the bird cage on Amazon, but it came in an ugly orange brown color. I spray painted it white and filled it with some decorative white vase filler balls from Target. I see this changing with the seasons. For Easter I may fill it with eggs, and for fall I may fill it with little pumpkins, etc.

The silhouette was a DIY project. The white oval frame is from Ikea, and the easel is something I picked up awhile ago from Michaels. I framed a piece of burlap, and traced Noah’s silhouette onto a piece of scrapbook paper, which I just stuck to the burlap with double sided tape.

The letter B is a chipboard letter that I modpodged scrapbook paper and ribbon onto awhile back.

mantel bird cage and diy silhouette

I had some books lying around that I recovered in butcher paper or brown polka dot wrapping paper.

The watering can was from my mom – she bought it for me when we were shopping at Ikea one day. The white flowers [I think they are fake zinnias] came from Walmart.

The candlestick was something I already head. It was originally black, but I spray painted it white and put a blue pillar candle on it.

The white ceramic bird is from Target, and the brown sphere/orb is from the garden section at Joann’s.

mantel watering can zinnias white candlestick ceramic bird wicker sphere

I’m planning on further updating the living room with new pillows and refinishing the coffee table. In the meantime, I’m still mustering up the motivation to finish the kitchen curtains.