Nursery Progress: DIY colorful bunting

The nursery is nowhere near finished, but I’ve been making slow progress. I’d been wanting to make a colorful bunting out of fabric scraps. Most of the fabric I already had from previous projects, but back in early May I bought a few colorful quarters from Joann’s with a coupon to have a variety of patterns. I actually finished the bunting the first of June, but I’m finally getting around to sharing it!

colorful fabric quarters and ribbon from Joann’s

I traced and cut out a 6″ equilateral triangle template on cardstock – then I used the template to trace and cut out triangles of all my fabrics. I dared to wrangle with the beast use my sewing machine for this project. I took two fabric triangles and put them wrong side together and nice side out, then sewed around the edges, leaving an unfinished edge. I opted to go this route because I didn’t feel like ironing and folding edges, and also I like the idea that no matter where I hang the bunting it will look the same on both sides.

finished triangle flag

laying out the fabric triangles to find the best arrangement

Then it was time to put the triangle flags on the ribbon. I was tired of sewing at this point, so I broke out my trusty Heat N Bond hemming tape {the same kind I used to make the bed skirt}. I ironed it on to the top of the  flags, waited for it to cool and peeled the paper off, then ironed the ribbon onto the flags, leaving a few inches between flags. Here’s how it turned out:

finished bunting

I decided to hang it over the closet to spruce up that otherwise very boring wall. Right now it’s up there ghetto style with scotch tape holding it in place. I’ll come up with a more permanent solution soon.

bunting over closet

And now here’s a far away shot to give it more perspective:

view from across the room

On the space of wall to the right of the closet {which is covered by the door when it’s open} I plan to hang some hooks for jackets, bags, etc with maybe a chalkboard over it for jotting down notes or doodling.

In other nursery news, the crib has a new friend:

etsy owl pillow

My sweet friend Hong got me this Etsy pillow as a baby gift. She was even thoughtful enough to have it embroidered with Noah’s name.

back of pillow

I love it! And of course, when Noah actually starts sleeping in his crib, I’ll find a new home for Mr. Owl. He’s just hanging out in the crib for decorative purposes now.

So that’s the nursery right now. There’s still so much to do – hang artwork, get the changing table/dresser set up there, install a shelf and some hooks, get a slipcover for the rocking chair, put up some bamboo blinds, etc etc. One thing at a time though. This nursery will eventually come together!