Nursery progress: crib & crib skirt

We bought a crib back in December. It was our Christmas present to ourselves (and what we used some Christmas bonus money toward). I briefly mentioned it before, but after a lot of searching, we found just the style we were looking for on Then it sat around in the box for about four months before we finally got around to assembling it.

About a month away from our due date and the crib is still in the box. Yikes!

It took us just under an hour from start to finish, and that included opening the box and cleaning up the packaging afterward. Not too shabby.

Putting it together

Reading crib assembly instructions

All done!

The only thing it was missing was a crib skirt to hide the space beneath the mattress and the drawer. Especially since we had no problem filling up the drawer with extra crib bedding and blankets – it started looking a bit messy under there.

Before bed skirt

I wanted to go with a navy blue and white theme for the bedding. This was no easy task since most crib bedding comes in pastels or brighter colors. Also, I didn’t see any bedding sets I liked in a price range that was reasonable. So I decided to make the bedding myself, beginner sewing skills and all. I’d been scouring Joann’s and other stores for some decent fabric and had little success finding anything that I really liked for the nursery. Then a few weeks ago I found some awesome fabric at Walmart. I wasn’t even on the hunt for fabric, I just happened to be passing by while shopping for other things. It was just a simple navy blue with large white polka dots. Simple with a bit of whimsy without being cheesy. So I bought a yard and a half for about $8 and brought it home.

Since time is of the essence and I wasn’t really in the mood to sew, I cheated a bit and followed this awesome no-sew tutorial from my favorite blog, YoungHouseLove. Basically I just measured the opening between the base of the mattress and the top of the drawer, then measured the width of the opening as well. I then added about 2.5 inches to the length and width get the final dimensions of each skirt panel – three in total (one front and two sides). Then after washing and ironing the fabric, I measured and cut the panels and then used Heat N Bond Ultrahold to finish the edges. This is one of the best products ever for a quick and easy project! You just iron it on to the fabric (paper side up sticky side on the fabric), allow to cool, peel off the paper to reveal the adhesive, fold over the edge of the fabric and iron again to fuse it. After the three panels were finished, I did “hem” them together on the edges to create one continuous, long skirt panel.

At this point I was ready to adhere it to the crib. I attached it directly to the mattress platform with velcro. Iron-On Fabric Fusion velcro to be exact. The only minor hiccup was that the velcro couldn’t be ironed to the mattress platform, so we used some strong, double-sided tape to get it to stay.

Prepping to measure and cut the two side panels and front panel

Panels cut and ready to have the edges “hemmed” with no-sew Heat N Bond.

Fabric fusion velcro – simply iron on the high heat steam setting to make it fuse to the fabric. No sewing involved.

Ironing on the velcro. (Blake always finds the most flattering angles to photograph me…not!)

So that’s how I made my no-sew crib skirt. And here’s the final product with some before and after pics:

Before crib skirt

Front view: before crib skirt

After crib skirt

Front view: after crib skirt

You might notice the frames on the floor to the right of the crib. That’s a project yet to come, but I plan on hanging up a little picture collage of some cute things I’ve made, printed, or collected. I also have a nursery mobile in progress for over the crib.

So that’s the story of the crib skirt. It feels good to have it done. Plus I love all the extra storage we get from the wood drawer beneath the crib. It’s nice to be able to truly conceal it.

Extra crib storage


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